Jack Daniels is the world leading brand of whiskey, known by all for it’s great taste, fiery flavors and it’s integration of drinking and music alike. This Alcohol Promotion offers those old and new to the word of whisky by giving them the chance to follow the true essence of what the drink is about.

Alcohol Promotion - Jack Daniels shot glass's

Alcohol Promotion – Jack Daniels shot glass’s

Why Is this a Successful Alcohol Promotion:

  • Traditional and recognizable colour scheme of black and white that is associated with Jack Daniels. This ensures that it is almost impossible to mistake for anything else. For those that are dedicated to the the brand it also makes this gift set easy to find as for them it is unmistakably their whiskey company. The colour scheme also has great association with its fantastic taste and can create demand for the product just by seeing it.
  • The free gift of branded shot glasses are a fantastic addition to the already known brand. This instantly makes it more appealing to all customers as the gift with purchase offers them the chance to drink the spirit the classic way, through a shot. While some customers may love this idea, others may hate it, however the opportunity to get two free shot glasses that are branded with the famous logo can drive the indecisive customer to make that final important decision of getting the product.
  • Finally this alcohol promotion offers customers the chance to buy it for either themselves or as a gift. Whether they like whiskey or know someone who does, this gift broadens the reasoning behind buying it.

This Alcohol promotion pack offers many opportunities and reasons for it to be purchased, propelled by branding itself. Here at ODM we have many creative designers and sales staff that can make thousands of promotional gift ideas. Contact us today and we will help create the perfect gift idea for your company and brand.

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