Irish whiskey is one of the worlds greatest gifts. Include a well designed and implemented drinks promo to support it and there’s your success. Here are two examples of some great promotions by Paddy and Jameson.

Drinks Promo Galore: Paddy and Jameson

Drinks Promo Galore: Paddy and Jameson

Why Paddy ticks the boxes?

  • Including a free gift with purchase is a great tool in stimulating sales and gaining attention of potential consumers. In this case Paddy offer a super high quality promotional product, that although may not be of significant practical use, it offers something that is very attractive to the eye and sticks with the winter/holiday theme.
  • Visuals. This is a great example of how to stick with branded themes throughout all products being produced and offered. Not only do the products fit with the distinctive red overall theme, they include a high quality imprinting of the brand logo that will contribute to an increase of brand recognition and assist with word of mouth encouragement.
  • Organised and effective in store display. ISD’s play a massive role in an overall success of a product, and indeed brand, in any type of retail setting. This therefore is an essential component in fabricating a strong drinks promo.
Drinks Promo Galore: Paddy and Jameson

Drinks Promo Galore: Paddy and Jameson

Drinks Promo: How Jameson does it right?

  • Practicality. Unless you have a screw loose, we at ODM wouldn’t recommend drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. Jameson offering two free glasses with a bottle of their fine whiskey, is a great example of a practical gift with purchase. To include two is also a great choice, sharing is caring!
  • Design. This clean and simple design does the brand justice, whilst rightly embracing brand themes. The promotional glasses have engraved Jameson logos further supporting the high class connotation with the brand.
  • Packaging. This customised packaging not only looks great as a POS display but also enables a potential customer to rationalise buying it all at once- furthering the incentive to purchase!

Drinks Promos act as a significant stimulant to additional sales and are significant tools in increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Here at ODM we have years of experience in fabricating in store displays, drinks promotions campaigns and promotional products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products or let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand. Also be sure to check out our portal on setting up a promotional products business if that sparks any interest.