Sunquick are one of the worlds leading orange squash providers. This is a brilliant example of a gift with purchase, gifting consumers with a free promotional jug.

Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase – Sunquick Free Mixing Jug

Integrating the brands logo, this is a superb example of how to execute a promo gift correctly. Though, this isn’t the first time Sunquick have used a free gift with purchase.

Gift with Purchase - Sunquick Free Mixing Jug

Gift with Purchase – Sunquick Free Mixing Jug

Although the years have passed the only significant development of the product is the colours used. Brand themes is not something to underestimate though, so it is good to see Sunquick adapting according to their overall colour schemes.

Gift with Purchase – How can this help my brand?

  • Stimulate Sales. Every business looks for ways to give an additional boost to sales; and this is certainly one of them. Especially when offering a free gift with purchase, it can only help offer further incentive to buy the products on offer.
  • Brand Awareness. Drinks Promotions when partnered with a high quality gift with purchase can really help getting the brand out there and noticed. Brand recognition is essential for any brand, as much as Sunquick is a household name there is a never a point to stop trying ways to get your brand out there.
  • Give back! A happy customer, is a happy business right? Offering products that a potential customer will actually enjoy, and find use of is how to make an effective promotion- this in turn will help build success and crucial recognition via word of mouth and various other social channels.

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