Gift with Purchase – Sunquick Drinks Promo

In supermarkets around Hong Kong  Sunquick is having a gift with purchase promo for their Concentrated Orange Mix. The gift with purchase offered is a glass jug and stirrer that can be used to enjoy the drink with!

Gift with Purchase: Sunquick Promo

Gift with Purchase: Sunquick Promo

Gift with Purchase: Sunquick Promo

Gift with Purchase: Sunquick Promo

With every bottle (840ML) of Sunquick orange concentrate purchased, a 1.2L glass jug and stirrer is given. Unlike other forms of packaging, the bottle of juice is packed inside the promotional product, displaying how the jug can be used- To contain the Sunquick orange concentrate!

What are the advantages of this gift with purchase:

  • Saves retail space
  • This is a Green promo as no westeful packaging.
  • Does not incur additional packaging costs- Blister pack, Clear PVC/Cardboard Box, Poly Bag etc.
  • Complimentary products- Items can be used as a serving tool for the beverage.
  • Available in an orange colour so matches well with the colour of the drink and the company logo.

Made of clear heavy glass for the body along with a colored plastic for the handle and the cap, the logo is embossed on both the glass and the plastic. The helps to boost brand recall and brand recognition!

Delight customers with a gift with purchase offer!

When customers obtain an additional item other than what they have originally purchased, they feel appreciated. Customers will feel like they are getting more value for their buck. Therefore, this will increase customer satisfaction and aid in building customer loyalty.

Offering a promotional gift certainly provides two-fold benefits for both the brand as well as the customers. So start offering them today to experience these benefits for your company!

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