One of our Shanghai team wrote a blog on how a beverage warmer makes the perfect gift for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee or tea after seeing the promotion pictured here in Shanghai.  A drinks warmer could indeed be a nice tool to enable people to keep their drinks hot all day long.

However, this product is actually a drinks stirrer / frother.   The bottom part whisks drinks to make a frothy head on milky drinks – Capuchino / Hot chocolate etc..  The promotion offering the frothing device is not clear on the on-pack promotion so this is a good lesson on how important it is to improve packaging / marketing.  (Shelf Talkers a good option)

For the purchase of one 350 grammes box of high energy chocolate drink with vitamins at 25,60 RMB (3.85 USD).  Whilst a drinks warmer would also work for this promotion, a stirrer is more interesting novel.

We really like this promotional item. This is an ideal gadget which can be carried and used
anywhere. It can be easily customized and branded according to your demand to promote your branding and please your clients. To give your customers entire satisfaction, do not hesitate to ask us to help you design and source your beverage warmers and stirrers.

ODM also recommend a USB warmer,to warm up your beverage this winter. Please also have a look at other drinks promotions for more ideas.