Hershey’s, the famous American Chocolate brand is promoting its brand in Shanghai with a very cute promotional gift.  Customers that buy a tin of Hershey’s golden drops get a free plush teddy bear to take home.

Hershey plush teddy bear - gift on purchase promo

The promotion is highly visible. It took up a whole stand near the entrance of the chocolate store we visited. It was obvious to passers by walking down the street so it made a great incentive for purchase, or at least for entering the store.

One comment I would make about this promotional offer is that the Teddy bear was not branded with the Hershey logo. Therefore when the Custom Promotional bear is taken out of the special packaging it no longer advertises the brand.  This is a shame when you think how easy and cheap it is to have a plush toy branded.

A great option for branding a custom plush is to give it a collar and/or a medal.

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