In Hong Kong, premium Japanese chocolate brand Royce is offering customers of their premium Nama chocolate a free fork and spoon set – a gift with every purchase of with 2 or more boxes.    This campaign helps increase sales of Royce’s chocolate as by encouraging customers to buy one more box of chocolate to redeem this attractive gift.

Promotional products can increase yours sales and help your brand positioning.   As a promotional tool, the cutlery set offers a well known basic utility for customers. It’s elegant curved design allows it to have high perceived value as it encourages customers to use the cutlery during special occasions.

This helps greatly in promoting Royce as a premium luxury brand to the masses.   With a subtle printing of the Royce logo on the cutlery handles, Royce reminds customers of their chocolates every time they have a meal – the perfect time for subliminal messages pushing tasty deserts.

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