World famous chocolate brand Hershey’s Kisses had a promotion at Duty Free stores in Greece recently.  A Hershey’s Kisses Bag was given away when 3 large Hershey’s pouches were purchased.

Hersey's Promotional bags

We like this promo because the brand is printed big and clear on the bag. It is then followed by the marketing line ‘ Say it with a KISS’  and a big Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate. Hershey’s signature ‘KISSES’ message printed across the bag strap, making it a very special design.  For a traveller returning home it’s a great gift to pick up in Duty Free.

Apart from that,  colors used(brown and silver) are also contrasting. From afar, one can easily spot the bag and the product on it. This bag acts exactly like an advertising poster, helping you to promote your brand, wherever the users bring it to.

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