Together with Philippines Duty FreeToblerone Chocolate is giving out free air bed and wardrobe to its customers in its latest promotion. Customers will receive the promotional gift with a purchase of 2 Pasalubong Packs.

We like these promo gifts as they are really suitable for travelers, making perfect gifts for airport purchase. Both products are useful and can be put away for easy storage. This promotion is appealing. However, it would be even better if Toblerone logo was printed onto these promo gifts. Picture of Pasalubong Pack can also be included to make the poster more attractive.

‘Pasalubong’ is the Filipino tradition of souvenir or gift, usually given to friends and family by somebody who is returning home. By using local words in its promo, Toblerone can associate itself more to the local market, increasing sales.

Also, since Toblerone is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, this promotion adds another special meaning to this gift.

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