promotional folding gift bag

Remember our previous blog post on Toblerone PVC gift bag promos? Here is another promo by them, this time at Duty Free stores in Greece.   Simply buy 2 mix packs to get a free Toblerone folding bag.

In recent years such Recyclable/ Foldable bags have become a very popular promo gift in many industries. This is mainly due to the following characteristics:

Toblerone Bag Promotion

Since many companies are using bags as a promo gift, it is important for brands to stand out from the rest. We like this promo because of the unique triangle bag design.

The brand logo is printed in a way that provides clear visibility whether it is folded or unfolded. When folded and zipped, the bag becomes a triangle shaped pouch – working perfectly with Toblerone brand.  The signature color, shape and logo can straightaway remind customers of their chocolate cravings.

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