This marketing gift would clearly appeal to the younger generation and is indeed one that is attention grabbing as well. The plush toy is gift with purchase for every box of Freedo Cadbury Chocolate purchased. Cadbury chocolate is one of the most renowned brands in the chocolate industry and has been a leader in the industry for more than a decade now.

Gift with Purchase by Cadbury Freddo Chocolate-Free Plush Toy

Gift with Purchase by Cadbury Freddo Chocolate-Free Plush Toy

The plush toy is the frog character of the brand as seen in the picture. The softness and attractiveness of the promo gift appeals to many. This would make a great promotional idea if we are catering to the younger masses. The brand and its mascot has been well-received internationally. There is no doubt that Cadbury Freddo Chocolate will put a smile on your face when it is being received.

How will this gift with purchase help your company’s marketing strategy?

This product is a gift with purchase and it will definitely boost sales for the company. This can be done by an increase in brand awareness. When the plush toy is being carried around in public, it will reach the eyes of consumers in different areas like in the bus or even in the clinic.

As the children carry the plush toy will also enhance brand recall. Over time, the child creates an emotional connection with the plush toy and this will help consumers recall that specific brand. Children’s needs are often placed of upmost importance to parents. And so, a child has the ability and power to persuade their parents to get whatever they desire.

Therefore, it taps on brand recall as a mean to increase sales and brand awareness. This way, the toy acts as a constant reminder. With this, the company will benefit greatly due to a large increase in its brand attractiveness.

To increase corporate social responsibility, companies may also choose to use environmentally friendly product. This would further enhance the company’s image with regards to the green movement.