Custom bags are one of the most popular promotional products in the market. Here we see Jagermeister using travel bags as a gift with purchase in Philippines Duty Free Stores.

Gift with Purchase by Jagermeister – Travel Bag

Gift with Purchase by Jagermeister – Travel Bag

This travel bag can be customized in any way you want. Be it the design, handle or compartments. Printing your brand name in bright colours like red and orange would also make it even more attractive and increase brand awareness.

And as bags are commonly used, companies can try to increase its perceived value by means of a better point-of-sale display. Read on to find out more on point-of-sale displays.

Use Point-of-Sale Displays for Gift with Purchase!

A point of sale display is used to showcase a specific or a range of products next to where the customers pay for their purchases. It aims to be eye-catching and to draw consumer’s attention. The more attractive it is, the higher the possible number of additional sales.

With a nice and unique display, small and inexpensive products may instantly perceive a higher value. And by specifically displaying your product, you will instil customer confidence in it.  An effective point-of-sale display educates customers about new products and specific promotional offers.  And, most importantly, they encourage customers to make impulse purchases when they are paying for their goods.

How to make Eye-catching POS Displays?

Companies may consider utilizing attractive display stand to hold their promotional items. Alternatively, use colourful or uniquely designed plinths instead of a plain old boring display stand. Unleash your creativity and give the display an outstanding look which cannot be easily missed out. To be even more eye-catching, try adding on noticeable signage and place it at prominent locations. Lastly, always focus on your target audience and match a point-of-sale display that is appealing to them.

So maximise your point of sale displays effectively and you’ll soon notice a boost in sales.

Send us examples of POS Displays & Gift With Purchase Promos on your market.