We found this unique gift with purchase in Hong Kong. Milk powder brands were having this interesting marketing campaign by giving away these great looking promotional plush toys. These plush teddy bears were perfect for boosting of their brand image.


Promotional Plush Giveaway

Unique Gift with Purchase - Promotional Plush

Unique Gift with Purchase – Promotional Plush

The promotional plush is a great addition for selling milk powder. The soft teddy bear plush  that you can see in the picture above is made from high quality material. The milk powder brand has been smart to add these plush toys to their marketing campaign. It adds a great amount of value to the actual product. Including the POS display this milk powder brand were definitely distinguishing themselves from the rest of the competition. The promotional plush is not only eye-catching but also a great gift for kids that would love these soft plush toys.


Add value to your marketing campaign

For companies that are looking for something more unique for their marketing campaign consider taking the promotional plush as an example. It adds great value to the actual product. Also for minimum cost the gift with purchase will boost your brand image and creates a position for your product that will make it stand out of the crowd.

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If you are interested in having a promotional plush for your marketing campaign contact us and we will get you a quote right away. If you don’t have an idea yet on what kind of plush you are looking for, you can contact our in-house design team at Mindsparkz for plush toy brainstorm sessions.