As Chinese New Year is round the corner, Hush Puppies has decided to celebrate the festive season by offering a gift with purchase. When a customer spends a minimum of SGD 148, they will receive a Hush Puppies CNY Plush Dog.

This gift with purchase is a Basset Hound plush dog, which is the species of dog which Hush Puppies use as its logo. This promotion can be found at any Hush Puppies store across Singapore.

Hush Puppies Promotion

Hush Puppies Promotion

Hush Puppies was founded in 1958 and is now an international contemporary brand which specialises in footwear for men, women and children. It is marketed over 120 countries. Apart from footwear, Hush Puppies offers eyewear, clothing and plush toys as well.

Gift with Purchase - Plush Toy

Gift with Purchase – Plush Toy

How is the plush toy used as a gift with purchase

Firstly, the plush toy is representative of the brand. The brand “Hush Puppies” is associated with dogs as its name has “puppies” in it. Hence, giving away the plush dog is an appropriate choice for the brand. Furthermore, the plush dog is the same one as the brand’s logo, making an even greater impact on customers as they can easily link the gift with purchase to the brand.

Secondly, the company logo is sewed onto the plush dog. This helps the brand to create an identity on the gift with purchase. Also, when customers see the gift, they would constantly be reminded of Hush Puppies as the brand is sewed on it.

Thirdly, having a gift with purchase provides the company with a competitive advantage. In this Chinese New Year season, it is culture to purchase new shoes and clothing for the Chinese. There are so many different brands to choose from and customers are on a constant lookout for the most attractive deals. Offering such an attractive gift with purchase helps Hush Puppies to be ahead of their competitors.