A gift with purchase is another common strategy to use to create brand awareness and gain new customers. It is meant to encourage people to purchase items, in order to receive a free gift.

This advertising technique is used in many different industries and it has resulted to be very successful throughout these years. For this occasion, when focusing in the cigarettes industry, we could use some branded pens as a gift with purchase that will be useful for clients as in the picture below. 

Gift with Purchase Idea: Cigarette Pens

Gift with Purchase Idea: Cigarette Pens

How does this gift with purchase help increase brand awareness?

Using promotional pens as a gift with purchase is such an inexpensive way of increasing public awareness. Who knows in whose hands the pens can end up?

Branding is one of the most visible concepts in today’s marketing world. Everything is about branding – literally. Your company’s brand is a lot more than just its name or its logo.

Promotional pens are considered the smartest products that can keep any business at the forefront. They also help in improving the prospects of business.

One top reason for using pens as promotional items is that they are very cheap when purchased in bulk. Also, the message of the company can be conveyed in the right tone to the large spread customers through them.

This is because pens are used for all and every time they use it, the message of the company comes to notice and creates an impression on their minds.

For this time, focusing in the cigarette industry, we can see that the design of pens are identical to a cigarette itself. This with a logo of your company will definitely ensure more acknowledge from different people and it is such a creative and cheap idea to produce.