Research says that cigarette companies spend $9.06 billion on their advertising and promotional activities. This figure pertains to industries in the US alone. This only means there is a huge demand for such a product. Therefore, there is also a market for anything that relates to this industry. If there is one simple business giveaway idea for the tobacco industry that is flexible, cost-effective, and durable, it would be this silicone cigarette holder ring.

Business Giveaway Idea

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring


Business Giveaway Idea for the Tobacco Industry: Why Cigarette Holder Ring?

This cigarette holder ring is undeniably an ideal promotional idea for the tobacco industry. Cigarette accessories such as ashtrays and cigarette holders have been around for so many years. It was invented in 1934 to prevent fingers from getting cigarette stains. Fancier ones were made from some type of metal. Now, they are making a comeback- in vibrant colors, too! But how much promotion can this product do for your company?

Here are the reasons to include them in your marketing mix!

Great for Multitasking

This cigarette holder is absolutely very useful for smokers. It allows them to enjoy a puff of their cigarette while their hands are busy typing on their keyboard, playing videogames, or simply texting. People don’t have to worry about nicotine-stained hands.

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

This ring holder also makes typing even more convenient. This item is designed for customers who are used to taking their cigarettes while doing their job. As it can be worn, the holder ring enables them to do different things simultaneously. It can also be used by people who smoke while driving.



This holder is made from silicone. Products made from silicone material are guaranteed to be sturdy. Thus, customers may use the product for a long time. It is heat-resistant, has strong ductility, and can be clipped tightly. Therefore, it ensures that the cigarette is securely attached to the ring.


Small and Portable

This small and portable accessory is ideal for customers who are always on the go. This cigarette holder is wearable so that they may carry it wherever they go, and whenever they need it.  It can be easily put in a pocket and is very lightweight thus, making it easy to carry. Its height measures 25 mm, and the length ranges from 12 mm to 20 mm. There is a wide range of finger size available and is also suitable for all kinds of cigarettes.


Cool Colors

Customers love fancy things. They are easily attracted to stuff with striking colors. This cigarette holder has a wide variety of colors that customers may choose from, such as pink, orange, blue, violet, and even a combination of these colors. Therefore, there’s a ring for just about everyone!

smoking merchandise

The logo can be Customized

Though small, a cigarette ring holder is an excellent promotional item to put your logo on. The size of the logo that can be imprinted on the ring is 15 mm by 10 mm, which is enough for your brand to be recognized. Putting the brand logo on the ring is a very smart way to promote the product and the brand as well.


How to Advertise with this Smoking Merchandise

Truly, a cigarette ring holder is a simple, yet very smart and practical promotional product to use for cigarette brands. Its functionality and novelty are what make them so interesting. So, here are ways to advertise with this cigarette holder.

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

1. Gift with Purchase

GWP is one of the most common marketing strategies used by businesses in order to create brand awareness and gain new customers. This cigarette holder could do well as a GWP item. The fact that it is very useful for your smoking customers may add value to your brand. Since a logo can be printed on the item,  it can also help in the retention of your brand.

2. Business and Marketing Giveaways

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

You don’t have to spend money on expensive giveaways. This accessory would really be worth every penny spent. A cigarette ring holder is cost very little to manufacture, thus it is very ideal to use as a business giveaway. This shows that Custom giveaway items like this can help fire up your sales at a very little cost.

3. On-Pack Gift

Small and compact, this cigarette holder makes a great on-pack gift. As it is colorful and intriguing, it is a creative marketing strategy to catch the customers’ attention. This can be sold together with cigarettes and even casino game accessories.

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring

Business Giveaway Idea: Cigarette Holder Ring


In a Nutshell…

Smoking blackens the finger that is why this ring holder is ideal to offer to customers. This smoking merchandise allows customers to conveniently puff their cigarettes while they are doing other tasks such as texting and holding a game controller. It may seem small but it is definitely noticeable, and it actually is packed full of advertising benefits.

Cigarette manufacturing could be considered as one of the highest-grossing businesses in the world. As the competition gets tough by the day, businesses must think of a great way to fire up their sales. And this smoking merchandise is a simple yet flexible product that can be offered as a complimentary gift to your customers and clients.


How ODM Work?

ODM has 17 years of experience in producing quality custom-made promotional productsbranded packaging designs and store displays. We cater to different industries around the globe. Our team is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our clients. So, feel free to contact us with product code ODM-3562 if you think this would be a great addition to your marketing merchandise. Send us an email today to learn more about our quality services.

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