A good marketing gift is one that helps to promote the brand. Even better if it is visible on daily basis. Household items can be great tools to market your brand. Offering good quality household items effectively entices women. It is especially so for housewives. Help them to save some pocket money by meeting their needs. This kitchen paper holder is a great example of such marketing gift.

Marketing Gift Idea - Kitchen Paper Holder

Marketing Gift Idea – Kitchen Paper Holder

Using Household Items as Marketing Gift

Household items are visible on daily basis. This kitchen paper holder for instance, is utilised daily. Family members use kitchen papers after their meals, when they are cooking or when they spilled something on the table.  Your customer will be grateful for such a useful product.

In order to increase brand awareness, you should incorporate your logo into the design. A prominent position for the logo is on top of the stand. But it works too when you place it on the base. Your logo can act as the stopper to prevent the kitchen paper to roll out on itself.

Branding the marketing gift you are giving away is very important. You should not invest your resources in something that does not bring in more business for you. Branding the promotional products you are giving away will serve as a reminder of its origin. This will definitely increase brand recall.

You can also follow the current market trend. Many companies are offering environmentally friendly products as their marketing gifts. This will increase their brand image. It shows that the company is having a positive social responsibility.

Now, how to offer this marketing gift? This kitchen paper holder is great to offer as on-pack promotion with household products. Not just kitchen roll brand, but it works well with any household product that has something to do with the kitchen. For example cooking oil brand like Knife Cooking Oil.

Offering an on-pack promotion will boost the appeal for your product at the point-of-sale. This is because there is a greater perceived value of the purchase made. Consumer will prefer your product as compared to that of the competitor’s. This is because you are able to offer more. Start planning your very own promotional product now!