Household items make a great promotional gift. This is especially so if your core business have something to do with household product. A kitchen timer is a good marketing idea for baking products. It serves as a complementary item. If you are targeting housewives, women or cooks, you should definitely look into this.

Marketing Idea - On Pack Kitchen Timer for Baking Products

Marketing Idea – On Pack Kitchen Timer for Baking Products

Advantages of This Marketing Idea

Household items such as kitchen timers are used daily. It is helpful not only for baking but also for any other activities in the kitchen, such as egg boiling. Most timers have the capacity of 60 seconds. However, this product is highly customizable and that includes the capacity.

As you can see from the picture, kitchen timers can come in many shapes, colours and material. Depending on your brand image, these timers should be customized to suit target market. For baking supplies like flour, baking powder or food colouring products offering a simple design like egg or chicken as an on pack promotion would be great.

If you are trying to promote a baking show like Superchef Kids, try customising these kitchen timer. Check out the apple kitchen timer on the picture. Kids would love to have this kitchen timer. It will make their baking time more much more interesting.

What can a simple kitchen timer contribute to your business? A lot! If you had not realised it, adding a kitchen timer as an on pack gift with your products increases the perceived value. This is important if your main channel of distribution is through stores like Walmart or Tesco.

Having your products displayed side by side with competitor brands, you need to convince consumer to purchase your product instead. Increasing the perceived value of your product is the way to go. Consumers, in particular housewives, are highly price conscious. Having an on-pack promotion means having higher added benefits. Your brand will be much preferred. This can increase your market share.

Don’t forget to brand these kitchen timers. Your customers will see your brand everyday as they use this kitchen timer. It will increase brand recall. Increasing brand recall may be useful to enforce brand loyalty. This creates a sustainable effect for your promotional campaign.