Dinosaurus by LU in France is giving away a dinosaur sticker for every box of Dinosaurus biscuits purchased. The stickers come in 5 different designs and you may buy more boxes to collect them all! Read more to find out how these stickers make an effective gift with purchase…

Dinosaurus Sticker Gift with Purchase

Dinosaurus Sticker Gift with Purchase

Lefèvre Utile, better known worldwide by the initials LU, is a manufacturer brand of French biscuits, emblematic of the city of Nantes. The brand is now part of Kraft Foods since 2007, after its acquisition from the group Danone. The Petit-Beurre remains the flagship product alongside the Boudoir, Champagne, Petit Four, Prince, Pim’s and Paille d’Or. Dinosaurus is also one of its brands.

How do the stickers make effective gift with purchase?

The stickers come in 5 different designs and each box comes with 1 sticker. This encourages customers to buy more boxes of Dinosaurus in order to collect all the stickers. Stickers appeal to children who are the targeted market segment for the biscuits. The stickers can be stuck anywhere, from scrapbooks to sticker albums and children will be attracted to get these stickers.

These promotional gifts are branded with the dinosaur characters of Dinosaurus which reflect their branding. It may be branded with Dinosaurus logo in order to increase brand awareness. Thus, more people will know of the Dinosaurus brand wherever the stickers are placed. The logo will also boost brand recall. This will facilitate reminder advertising and more people will be reminded to buy Dinosaurus biscuits. This will enforce brand loyalty and increase repeat purchases for their biscuits. Customers will also be enticed to buy the box of biscuits in order to get the stickers for free. This will increase sales for Dinosaurus by LU. What do you think of this gift with purchase?