Promotional ideas for mobile phones can be difficult especially with the rapid development of the mobile phones and the personal way that we use them in an ever changing society. This has made it increasingly difficult for the phone accessories industry to create innovative ideas to personalise phones.

So here is one of many promotional ideas for your phone that is great for adding that personal touch to your mobile; mobile phone stickers.

Promotional Ideas - Mobile Phone Stickers

Promotional Ideas – Mobile Phone Stickers

These stickers give your brand the perfect opportunity to come up with something interesting. You can design your own character, or get a licensed character from trending phone applications such as LINE. You could even incorporate your logo into the design to increase your brand visibility.

Promotional ideas and why are mobile stickers great for marketing your brand?

  • Brand awareness. People everywhere are using mobile phones in public. Taking this factor into consideration, having a sticker with your logo shown on the phone surface can serve as an effective tool for free advertising wherever the consumer is going to. This means that your brand will be shown to everyone and everywhere.
  • Design. Mobile phone stickers can be personalised to any design or image. This means stickers as promotional  items have a huge branding potential, and leaves many, many different ways for you to boost your brand recognition. Be creative!

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