This promotional sticker can be customised to suit design needs

Want a way for your brand to stand out? Why not offer your customers promotional non-slip phone stickers today?

The non slip phone sticker is a simple sticker designed to stick to the surface of phones. Customizable in design, they are a great way to personalize your customer’s phone. Perfect for displaying your brand widely as consumers are sure to notice it every time they uses their phone.  Very visible marketing and advertising surface.

Utility wise, its silicone surface offers a non-slip solution for your phone by generating extra friction. This helps prevent potential damage to your phone by accidental slipping.

Below a photo of where I balanced the phone of my boss on our office chairs.   You need to have confidence in your product.

The non-slip sticker in action.

As a promotional mechanism, they can be used for event giveawayson pack promotions or even gift with purchase promotions.

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