Nowadays, most people’s lives and communication are different. They now flow through the continuously expanding wireless communications networks. It may not be uncommon for anyone to see at least one mobile phone with laptops, tablets, or computers on a desk. Because of that, we have a promotional phone holder for any mobile phone. It comes with custom printing so you can secure ample space in advertising. You can have it in a precious territory: the desks of prospective clients.

Our highly affordable wooden promotional phone holders can sell the short-term message to anyone. We have an extensive range of custom promotional phone holders that can provide many things to offer. It can apply to anyone in marketing and business so you can get the people’s focus and attention.

promotional phone holders

Promotional Phone Holders

Benefits of Promotional Phone Holders for Business

Promotional Phone Holders Allow People to Become At Ease with Your Brand

You may not have thought about it yet, but people need to put their tablet or phone in a specific place. That is because doing this every day can make anyone’s life so much easier. Using a stand for both an iPad and iPhone for the past several years can help in solving a couple of problems. The main problem is what people frequently experience: forgetting where they placed their phone.

Whenever people are at home, they frequently leave their phone on the window, making them run around the house frantically whenever they search for it. It can make anyone run all over the place with their home phone as they try to hear their iPhone’s vibration whenever they usually leave it silent.

promotional phone holders

Promotional Phone Holders

Promotional Phone Holders Keep The People’s Phones in Place

Whenever people feel tired of running around too much, having a couple of promotional phone holders can allow their devices to be kept in their computer room and bedroom. They can have their phone placed in that stand so it can stay in place. Even if this may sound silly, it can be a game-changer for anyone as they wouldn’t have to look for their things for a long time.

People may even have a niche problem of trying to use your iPhone for tasks that highly focus on productivity, so they need something that can have it propped up. Using the phone holder can help anyone become useful in typing on their iPhone’s software keyboard.

promotional phone holders

Promotional Phone Holders

Promotional Phone Holders Allow People to See Your Business Whenever They View Their Work

People may also be doing some work in design wherein they need to view their iPhone work and make some computer changes. Whenever people change things, it could become tedious to pick up and place down their iPhones whenever they work. It would be best if you provide a stand where they can position their iPhone so they can quickly glance at it and see your business every now and then.

Once people have a promotional phone holder, they will get saved from so much unneeded repetition. Whenever they have started using your iPhone Pro as another screen for their MacBook Pro using the app Duet, the setup may not work well if it doesn’t have a stand.

promotional phone holders

Promotional Phone Holders

Having a promotional phone holder would help anyone solve their problems regarding this. We highly recommend getting these wooden phone holders with cutouts for charging cables. You can use this whenever your device continually runs out of power as there is now a specific place where you can have it set every day. Because of that, having this phone holder could be the best solution for any business.

Despite overlooking this in the past, one of the essential tech accessories people can have is a tablet and phone stand. Because of that, we highly recommend that you get these phone holders right now!


The importance of promotional marketing for mobile phones

Since more than 55% of activities done online like email activities, online searches, online shopping, email activities, and website visits now happen with the use of mobile devices, it would be best to use these in targeting potential customers. Having this can provide so many benefits that businesses can gain:
  • Increased engagement because of instantly delivered and personalized marketing messages
  • Effective solutions in marketing that can reach more potential customers
  • Better awareness of your business’ existing or future offers and available services and products
  • Higher ROI (return on investment) because of its affordability
  • Improved customer loyalty as it aims to provide a great customer experience

The integration of suitable effective short-term and long-term solutions in your marketing strategy will lead to substantial continued growth in your customer base and earned revenues.


The Bottom Line

Any business will never go wrong with great-looking promotional phone holders as people almost never let their phones leave their side. Having this can keep their devices safe, clean, and ready for any new video.


Produce Great Products and Services with The ODM Group

Looking for Custom Promotional Phone Holders for your products or services to increase your revenue? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product design and packaging.

The ODM Group is a Promotional Products Marketing Agency founded in Hong Kong in the year 2003. Over the years, the company has expanded its services while being rooted firmly in Asia near our factories. Because of our diverse approach, we can be a great partner to any International brand that wants to have a team to closely manage its projects.

Would this wooden phone stand help you improve your customers’ lives and your brand positioning? If so, get in touch with our team today. Quote with product code ODM-3405 to learn more about its features, and how we can help you customize them for your next campaign!


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Chinese: 手机座 (Shǒujī zuò)

Vietnamese: đế giữ điện thoại

Spanish: soporte para teléfono

French: Support de téléphone

Italian: supporto per telefono

German: Telefonhalter