Make use of branded stubby holders as they can be effective in marketing your brand! Great salespeople know that planting the initial seed of interest in any prospective client may only be half the battle. Frequently, people have the instinct to refuse any sales pitch, so it can be difficult for businesses to break through to any new customer.

Having your brand introduced in an approachable and friendly way can help the business get past this issue. Since that is the case, we highly recommend that you use promotional Koozies drink warmers to improve the business’s growth. Since cups are cost-efficient and functional, they can provide an excellent canvas for your brand’s message.

Do this correctly so your branded stubby holders – Koozies drink warmer can increase people’s awareness and allow them to desire your brand. According to the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), they estimate that more than half of the American population have promotional drinkware that they use around two to three times every week. Because of this, promotional mugs and drink warmers are now a part of people’s daily routine allowing your brand to get exposed to a broad audience. Create your mark through branded drinkware so you can make the people well informed about your company.


Advantages of Giving Out Branded Stubber Holders / Promotional Koozies Drink Warmer

It may be too risky to give something away for free, so you can win a new business. However, the consistent use of promotional products can lead to great results compared to other advertising kinds. Here are reasons why companies can never go wrong with the help of customized promotional coffee mugs:

1. Freebies Give People Incentives

Businesspeople have been giving gifts before getting into intense negotiations. That is because a thoughtful gesture can set an excellent tone for any conversation. Allow your customers to have a reason to bring down their guards so you wouldn’t need to work too hard for them to agree with you.

People who may not be in the buy mode can immediately shut down whenever they think you only want to sell. However, you can have them disarmed by providing them with freebies like Koozies drink warmers. Giving out a Koozies Drink Warmer can make a client interested for a long time to achieve the goal that you desire, which could be completing a survey or getting their email address.

2. Customers Love Value

Promotional products like branded stubby holders may not be similar to ads as it is not obtrusive. They also don’t want the experience of the customer to get taken away. Since everyone loves having warm beverages now and then, providing anyone with a Koozies Drink Warmer can offer great value that can encourage your audience to admire and trust your company.


3. Boosts Recognition

Whenever you think that customers never remember your business despite getting freebies, you’re mistaken. Around 90% of people can recall the branding on promotional products, and 70% recognize the CTA (call to action). Providing people with promotional mugs can potentially make any customer interested in your brand. Those who love drinking tea and coffee love collecting mugs and accessories related to it. Whenever they work on brewing up their hot beverages, they allow your branding to be on display that other people could see. Aside from that, creating interestingly attractive mugs and branded stubby holders – Koozies drink warmers can initiate beautiful conversations.


4. Above Average Marketing Reach

People who create marketing campaigns often need to ask if they are reaching their audience. When it comes to marketing, businesses usually focus on creating the best conditions so that their clients would become highly receptive. Just make sure to have the right timing and motivation so your message will reach your target audience.

When it comes to promotional products, you don’t need to ask people to substantially commit or spend money. Since people don’t have enough reason to have a freebie turned down, it would be highly likely for you to get to your target audience whenever you provide freebies.

According to a survey done by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), only around 20% of customers discard promotional products. It is so much better than 50% that ignore unwanted emails and 66% that disregard TV commercials.



Tips on Marketing With The Use of Promotional Mugs

Like a business card, a branded stubby holder – promotional koozies drink warmer can introduce your business and allow the prospects to remember you when you contact them. These are not like any business card that often gets shoved inside the drawer.

Since these custom bottle koozies remain in the open where people can see them, you can take advantage of this visibility by making products that can potentially become attractive to any inbound lead.

Branded Stubby Holder

Branded Stubby Holder


1. Choose a Product of Great Quality

As per the ASI, people continuously use their promotional drinkware for around eight months. Thus, it would be best to create a Koozies Drink Warmer that people would desire to have with an extended shelf life.

First, select a supplier that has an excellent track record when it comes to the printing of high-quality products. Whenever products are not made well, it could backfire and allow people to not have an excellent opinion about your business. Providing customers with a premium product will show them that you consider their loyalty and time valuable. Make sure that your artwork has a legible and crisp design. Create a promotional Koozies Drink Warmer it can be fade-resistant, attractive, and easy-to-read. Whenever the branding appears unprofessional or fades away after using it several times, your Koozies drink warmers may not have enough impact.


2. Create an Interesting Design

Keeping a simple design by using your tagline and standard logo is acceptable. For most industries, it would be best to approach things conservatively instead of being too creative.

Designs with a “wow” factor can be highly appealing when you have a witty, friendly, and fun brand. Both sides of the Koozies Drink Warmer can get personalized by companies that can print on them. You can have a side of the display used to show a saying or memorable artwork that can make anyone feel excited to show off any of your mugs.


3. Provide a Call to Action

According to the study of PPAI, around 83% of the clients said that it is highly likely for them to be in business with brands whenever they get a promotional product. Approximately 79% of those people are even motivated to do some research about the brand.

Allow the freebies to provide people with ways to learn more about the business. Without it, it may be pointless to devote money and time to create freebies. Make sure to include a CTA (call to action) that informs people what they can do afterward. It can merely be a hashtag, website address, phone number, or any contact detail.


4. Become Appealing to the Right Audiences

Avoid just giving a Koozies Drink Warmer to anyone who comes across your business. We recommend that you aim to attain a broad exposure as you target those with excellent connections to your desired audience.

It would be best to give a Koozies Drink Warmer to individuals with strong loyalty, broad influence, high visibility, or all of the above. Choosing loyal employees is recommended as these people know a lot about your company and have great relationships with the local community. Vendors, partners, non-competing business owners, and trade show attendees can also become beautiful ambassadors of your brand. Once most of these people become invested in your success, you can genuinely benefit as they can bring in more business.


5. Have Freebies Featured in Social Media Campaigns

Since people often want what they don’t possess, having promotional materials can work favorably for you. Allow your business to use social media so it can promote your business merchandise. Doing this is highly recommended, especially if you are planning to sell it eventually.

Allowing photos to get posted on social media can provide your audience with a glimpse of your business’s culture. Once you enable the customers to take a picture with their mugs, you can have it displayed to know that customer relationship is essential for you.

It would also be great to use the Koozies Drink Warmer as a giveaway on social media to provide long-term value as they are highly affordable. Whenever the Koozies drink warmers have a great design, it could be easier to have your branded drinkware sold to a broad audience if you promote them on social media platforms.

There is a great reason why the Koozies Drink Warmer is among the highly favorite promotional products. Since people are constantly thirsty, you can easily find customers who would be happy to get enticing drinkware with your brand. Using promotional Koozies drink warmers can provide people with a great message about your brand that could eventually bring in new business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Koozie use to keep drinks warm?

Koozies Drink Warmer uses Neoprene for warming up drinks.

What is the benefit of neoprene vs. foam?

Neoprene is better in wicking moisture and it has a natural elasticity that allows it to become stretchier.

How can I use Koozies to promote my company or next event?

Since the Koozies Drink Warmer is lightweight and can get fold flat, they can be ideal for direct mail. Custom koozies are a need at fairs, concerts, golf tournaments, sporting events, company picnics, and the beach.


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Vietnamese: Koozies uống ấm hơn

Spanish: Koozies bebe más caliente

French: Réchauffeur de boisson Koozies

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