Twinings has a nice surprise for their customers! They will get a free custom printed mug with purchase of Twinings London Strand Earl Grey.

Branded Promotional Mugs

Branded Promotional Mugs

What sets this on pack promotion apart is the fact that the gift can be used together with the main selling product. The gift comes in warm orange hue which matches Twinings’ product packaging.

As for the mug’s packaging, the brand opted for a warm gold hue and light yellow tones. This allowed for the main product to stand out even more. We can see that they managed to keep a cohesive look for this on pack promotion.

Branded Promotional Mugs

Branded Promotional Mugs

When it comes to coffee and tea promotions, branded promotional mugs are the top choice for marketing gifts. Below, we explain why promotional mugs are the top choice for marketing.


Why Invest in Branded Promotional Mugs?

Long Lasting Brand Remembrance – Mugs are always present in our breakfast tables. Thus this offers marketing managers an excellent way to showcase their brand in a unique way. With your promotional gift mug, your brand will be the first thing your customers will see in the morning. Thus, this creates an instant call to action and keeps your brand on top of their minds all day.

Design Flexibility – Branded promotional mugs can come in different sizes, bespoke shapes, and colors. They can also be made out various materials such as ceramic, metal, and glass. Promotional printed mugs offers a fresh way to connect with customers and clients and make your brand relevant again.

Excellent Incentives – What makes a good promotional gift? Practicality! Unlike other marketing gifts, useful gifts will not end up in trash bins. Furthermore, when used as gifts with purchase or on pack offer , these promotional items can definitely drive impulse purchases because they serve as instant rewards for customers.

Boost Sales – High quality mugs not only makes your product stand out from the shelf. Offering these products for free would not only improve your brand’s perceived value, but it will also improve your sales. Once customers see that you are offering a free gift that they can use everyday, they will be more motivated to purchase your products.

Customer Retention – Offering customer gifts is the easiest way to gain customer trust and loyalty. Shoppers tend to make repeat purchases when they know they are being rewarded.


Our Takeaways…

Branded Promotional Mugs are a fantastic way to get spread your message in a straightforward and unique manner. Because they are practical and useful, they can easily make your brand an integral part of your customer’s life. So, do you want to custom design your own branded promotional mugs? Then, get in touch with The ODM Group today. We can help you design and source effective and high-quality custom promotional merchandise for your business!

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