Are you thinking of ways to boost your marketing? There are many different ways to do so such as by offering a gift with purchaseStarbucks in China is currently offering holding a limited edition cafe promotion. This branded puzzle is part of its Rewards Kit Set when customers purchase a gift card in-store.

This promotion is in collaboration with Jimmy Liao, a well-known Taiwanese illustrator.

The branded puzzle gift set includes a puzzle with a size of 138*78*70mm. Customers are required to cut out the pieces and piece them together in order to solve it. There are 2 versions available, street view and moonlight. The completed puzzle looks like a mini carousel and is aesthetically pleasing.

branded puzzle

Treat your Customers to a Branded Puzzle!

What We Like about this Gift with Purchase Promotion

  • Universal: Starbucks knows that it has a large and diverse target audience ranging from young kids to middle aged adults. Thus, it offers promotional items catered to specific groups. For example, this puzzle piece set can be used by anyone regardless of their age. This is because it is a timeless item that does not have any restrictions on age or gender.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: The puzzle piece set features the distinctive Starbucks logo at the top and the words “Starbucks Rewards” at a prominent location of the completed puzzle set. Therefore, this item is easily recognisable and customers will instantly think of the brand. This helps to increase brand recognition.
  • Boosts Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction: This promotional campaign is great for boosting customer loyalty as it allows customers to receive greater perceived value from the purchase. It also leaves customers satisfied when they obtain a gift with purchase. This is because it makes them feel appreciated and special when they receive freebies. This will also encourage them to become returning customers.

What could Starbucks do to Improve?

  • Instruction Manual: Starbucks could include a instruction manual together with the puzzle piece so that it will be easier for customers to construct the puzzle set. This will offer guidance to them as well. In addition, having a visual representation of how the puzzle set should look like will be useful and help in the process.
  • English Translation: The information regarding the promotion is displayed only in Mandarin. Tourists or people who do not understand Mandarin will be unable to read and understand the promotion. Therefore, providing an English translation will be beneficial as they can target a larger audience. In addition, they will not have to tell their non-Mandarin speaking customers how they can enjoy the promotion.

branded puzzle

Treat your Customers to a Branded Puzzle!

In Conclusion…

All in all, Starbucks latest cafe merchandise promotion makes as a fun and interesting promotional item that caters to people of all ages. Offering a GWP will definitely help to boost sales while allowing you to express appreciation to your customers.

How ODM can help you entice new customers!

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