Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China

Starbucks in China are really impressing us with their wide range of Cafe Merchandise.   Positioned on counter tops, they certainly encourage customers to make impulse purchases and also extends brand recognition (wanna know more about brand recognition? Visit the blog about branded camera belts).

Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China

Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China


First of all, these personalized promotional marketing gift items are great. By promoting this range of cafe merchandise, Starbucks are getting their brand out in public and used by customers. Their promotional accessories are one of the biggest hits – keychains, bags, cups, straws, custom water bottles … you name it, they’ve got it.

Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China

Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China


Why we love what Starbucks are doing with Cafe Merchandise:

– Designs are well-thought out: From the cups, branding, down to the packaging, one can see that these products have been produced with thought in mind. The pieces are timeless, practical and trendy. This seems like the best way to visually attract customers to the products.

– Marketing Beyond the Cafe: Starbucks are producing goods that people want. These goods have the Starbucks name and logo on them. Marketing gifts is a great strategy to widen brand exposure. Also, it allows to attract new customers and above all enhance brand remembrance.

– High Quality goods: High-quality materials ensure longevity of their promotional products. Consequently, whilst these products are rather pricey (around 100RMB / US$15 for a mug) Starbucks are building a loyal customer base by investing in quality. See this blog to have other ideas of high-end promotional product.

– Brand Logo is well place: We particularly like these Starbucks products as the branding is subtle and not too distracting from the product itself. Indeed, a cute Frappuccino cup or the well-known Starbucks logo suffices in letting the customer know what brand it is without taking full attention. This is certainly unique but highly effective.

– Triggers Impulse Purchases: These products are cleverly placed near the payment counter. As a result this cafe merchandise is tempting for those ordering their morning coffee. Simple, small goods are a great way to trigger impulse buys and, after all, it’s all about location location location.


Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China

Starbucks Leads the Way for Cafe Merchandise in China

We love this Starbucks Merchandise launched! Starbucks is well known for their line of promotional merchandise and these are some of the many café merchandising ideas that one can consider.

Other successful cafe merchandise and marketing campaigns by Starbucks:

  • Similarly, plushies drive sales:


  • Branded gift with subscription:


  • Luggage tags too – they really do think of everything:
  • In contrast, check out these products made to enhance the customer in-store experience – Branded mobile charging devices in the Hong Kong cafes:

How Can ODM Group help?

Could your company benefit from branded merchandise? If you are interested in a custom made items, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here at ODM we can assist you with the sourcing, design and manufacturing you may require. We have many years of experience in the promotional products sector and we would be happy to assist you in all your marketing needs. If you are interested in our services but not sure what promotional product would be best for your marketing campaign, you can view our blogs. We have written over 8,000 different blogs with many different real life case studies from all around the world. Check out our blogs for interesting ideas!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are some other café merchandise that I can consider?

Some common beverage merchandise would included branded cups and mugs, cup holders, reusable straws, coasters and thermal flasks. Some food merchandise would be custom plates, bowls, cutlery and even lunch box sets.

Why are branded promotional products a great way for marketing?

Branded products allow for an increased brand visibility and brand awareness. Branded products make use of logo branding or customisation to allow their brand to stand out. With promotional products of high usability, they will be brought around and used which would increase brand recognition as well.

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