Have you ever thought of starting a coffee shop? Read on for some items which are necessary for starting a coffee shop.

Porcelain Mug and Saucer

Firstly, we have porcelain mugs and saucers for coffee or other hot beverages. Mugs can be customised in many shapes, but most importantly, they should reflect your logo to increase brand awareness.

Starbucks Coffee Mug

Take Starbucks as an example. Starbucks has a high brand equity. By branding their logo on their mugs, it increases the perceived value of their coffee. Thus, they are able to charge premium prices for their coffee and increase profit margins.

Plastic Tumbler with Straw

Secondly, double-wall plastic tumblers with straws are re-usable and eco-friendly. These are durable, save cost and reduce wastage as compared to ordinary styrofoam or paper cups. You may also brand your logo on it to increase brand recall every time the tumbler is used.

Metal Drinking Straws

On top of the tumbler, metal drinking straws are another environmentally-friendly item. They eliminate the use of plastic straws and reduce wastage. They can also be used to pierce through fruit or paper drink cartons.

Fondue Tower

How about adding fondue to the menu? You may consider having a fondue tower and spirit stove fork. This will differentiate your coffee shop from others. The fondue tower can be used for melting chocolate or cheese and the spirit stove fork is used for spearing a piece of marshmallow or bread respectively. Your logo may be branded on it to enhance brand awareness and boost brand recall. What do you think of these items for starting a coffee shop?

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