Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 450 million cups consumed daily in the United States. However, with demand comes supply. There are more coffee shops/brands than ever today, making it hard for brands to stand out and gain loyal customers. In this article, we will list and explain some featured custom promotional merchandise that was offered by Costa that was successful and effective in promoting brand awareness. These featured products include a promotional gift set, thermos resembling takeaway paper cups, as well as latte glasses with embossed logo.

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Selling branded coffee shop merchandise is probably one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. People who are not familiar with your brand will be exposed to your business when they shop at their local department store. Moreover, merchandises that are designed smartly and are eye-catching will definitely tremendously increase brand visibility and elevate your sales.


Coffee Shop Merchandise Ideas From Costa

Cappuccino Gift Set: 

For this gift set, Costa put together a branded promotional ceramic cup, chocolate powder shaker, and heart-shaped stencil for decoration. This allows coffee drinkers to create their very own beautiful and photogenic cappuccino drink in the comfort of their home. In addition, simple and minimalistic packaging makes it easy for buyers to see what’s included in the set. This is important as buyers do not want to be overwhelmed by clusters of irrelevant information. They want to easily see that they are getting quality products.

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK – Ideas to Spark Your Business

Thermos In the Shape of Takeaway Paper Cups:

You’ll notice that this thermos resembles their takeaway paper cups. We love the simple design and the fact that it helps build stronger brand recall. Furthermore, the cups are reusable, which means, they’re helping reduce the number of wastes that go to landfills. This is perfect since everyone is worried about environmental degradation today, thus making an effort to reduce plastic wastage. This is a great way for consumers to know that your brand cares about the environment as well, effective in creating a positive brand image. However, the best part is, customers can get discounts for using reusable cups the next time they buy coffee from their shop. It is an incentive for them to use your promotional merchandise after purchasing, which will be helpful since it will double-up as your low-cost walking advertisement!

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Latte Glass: 

You’ll notice that the promotional latte glasses have their brand name embossed on the body. The great quality of the promotional glass, as well as the embossment, is visible to the naked eye. This means that it is obvious to customers that they will be receiving high-quality products when they purchase this merchandise. Furthermore, this will be successful in upscaling your brand, creating higher perceived value. This classic promotional latte glass will never go out of style, and worth every penny that your customer is spending!

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Coffee Shop Merchandise from Costa UK- Ideas to Spark Your Business

Why We Love Costa’s Coffee Shop Merchandise

  • Effective Design: The designs on these promotional merchandise offered by Costa to its customers are minimalistic and eye-catching. Customers tend to avoid packaging or products that are too complicated and will easily overwhelm them. Short and sweet promotional messages are the way to go and Costa seem to have nailed it! Furthermore, simple designs as shown above will be ensured that they will not go out of style, meaning that customers can use them for years to come. Providing customers will good-quality and useful promotional products will ensure higher brand recall.

  • Packaging: In the above photos, you’ll find various Costa merchandise and each product have nice packaging. Simple neat designs are easily noticeable. These promotions are also incorporated as an in-pack promotion – which is a great way to attract customers since they think that they are getting a bang for their buck. As such, they are more easily spotted even when put in a crowded shelf.

  • Marketing Potential: High-quality materials ensure the longevity of their promotional products. We suggest exploring various materials such as metal or food-grade silicone. Check out our previous case study about silicone collapsible coffee cups. These Costa promotional merchandises were a great investment. When producing promotional products to gain a competitive advantage, you will always get the upper hand when you do not save on the quality of these merchandises.

We love absolutely everything about Costa’s promotional campaign. Cups, thermos, and glasses are popular marketing items because they are practical and customizable. As consumers use these products, they become accustomed to your brand and more inclined to purchase from you in the future.


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