At ODM, we always try to come up with fresh marketing ideas such as this branded wireless charger below. With the release of Iphone 8 and iPhone X, this innovative gadget is becoming a top selling product of the season.

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

Brand managers will definitely love its marketing potential. It’s customizable, fully brandable and can come in various shapes and designs. Hence, it makes an ideal corporate gift, gift with purchase item, or contest prize for cellphone companies. This item is also ideal for a broad spectrum of audience, thus increasing your market reach.

You might think that this product is compatible only with the newest phones, however, it can come with an additional tool, which makes it possible to use with older phone models like iPhone 6, for example, which doesn’t have wireless charging function itself.

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

In other words, if you want to optimize your brand performance, then maybe this branded wireless charger is what your business needs.

Branded Wireless Charger to Optimize Your Promotions

  • Customizable: As you can see, the chargers have varied designs. There’s one promoting the Fifa World Cup that’s going to be held in Russia. There’s also Hello Kitty and Marvel’s Captain America wireless chargers. Because it can be used for various industries and promotional activities such as sports, movies, cellphones, and gadgets, we can say that versatility is its selling point. Customizing this wireless charger to match your brand image is one good way to boost your presence. We suggest using your brand name or logo if you want to use it as gift with purchase or company giveaway.
Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

  • Practical Value: Practical items are always desired by customers. Furthermore, useful products such as pens, bags, cellphone holders, and chargers are an integral part of your customers’ daily life. Hence, it helps your brand gain exposure, and eventually build a solid following.
  • Portable and Safe: Portable design gives users the freedom to charge their mobile phones at their convenience. No wires that will restrict movement or cause tripping hazard! This promotional product is probably the best alternative to their old chargers with cables. In addition, you’ll notice the CE and FCC markings on the plastic pouch that contains the wireless charging receiver. Having a high-end product that passed quality standards will also help increase customer trust.

Indeed, there is so much you can do with a branded wireless charger. It’s versatile and allows marketers to create interesting designs that communicate their message. If you like this product, include code 1954 in your inquiry to get quote.

If you need help with promotional products, don’t hesitate to contact ODM. We help businesses realize their goals through effective use of promo items, gifts, and other marketing media.

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