We found this innovative wireless charger design at the recently held Canton Fair. Although not as colorful or eye-catching as other promotional wireless chargers, the novel design got us curious. According to the wireless charger manufacturer, the additional heads-up display is what sets the product apart from other chargers.

Wireless Charger Manufacturer Advertising with Charging Dock with HUD

Wireless Charger Manufacturer Advertising with Charging Dock with HUD

Not only are these targeted towards smartphone users, they are also for business owners who wish to promote their brand through premium electronic products.

But before you invest in such item, let us first explain what this product is, whether it is ideal for your business and why it’s necessary to work with a professional wireless charger manufacturer.

Charging Dock with Head-Up Display: Features and Benefits

  • Charges wirelessly and great for Qi-enabled smartphones.
  • Heads-Up Display Navigation Display which displays the phone’s screen so that customers can use their GPS or play music while the phone is being recharged.
  • Dual-port 2AA car charger which is why it’s perfect for when customers need to replenish their batteries during long drives.
  • With indicator light while charging device so smartphone users can see whether their phone is charging properly or is done charging.
  • Anti-slip pad which keeps charging dock from falling.

People are almost always on their phones nowadays and that is why there is a tremendous demand for smartphone chargers. Hence, it is important for businesses to keep up with the trend so that they won’t be forgotten. So, is this product right for you? Two things to consider:

  1. Consider your marketing budget. While it’s nice to have a premium quality product ready for your marketing projects, keep in mind that production requires quite large capital.
  2. MOQ in China is high. Bespoke charging docks with head up display could take longer and more expensive to produce. In addition, you don’t want to order too many as it might leave you with unsold units. To learn more about MOQ in China, read this blog:

Wireless Charger Manufacturer: Advertising with Charging Dock with Head Up Display

Wireless Charger Manufacturer Advertising with Charging Dock with HUD

Wireless Charger Manufacturer Advertising with Charging Dock with HUD

  • Wide Enough Space for Branding: The charger is wide enough to hold average size smartphone. This means there’s a lot of room for printing brand name, logos, and custom designs.
  • Compact, Portable and Extremely Useful: Portable charging dock with head up display is very easy to set up and use. It doesn’t take up much space and it eliminates messy cables. The head up display allows drivers to see the screen display without having to remove the phone from the charging dock. Customers will appreciate the user-friendly design and will come to associate your brand with cool merchandise.
  • Great for Purchase with Purchase Promotions: For instance, customers will get this wireless charger for a discounted price when they buy a certain amount. Customers may be convinced to pay the extra price for a reliable wireless charging dock since they are high-end and in-demand.

When you work with a professional wireless charger manufacturer in China, you can expect that your charging docks are compliant with international safety standards. It’s critical that the factory complies with safety requirements so as to ensure the quality of the products.

Speak with ODM today. We work closely with electronic manufacturing factories and we can help you from sourcing to manufacturing and shipping. Our team visits factories and conducts factory audits in China to ensure the quality and safety of electronic and non-electronic products. If you work with our ODM team, you can be sure that your promotional electronic items meet highest quality standards.

Should you want your custom charging docks a certain design or color, or want to add logos and branding, you can speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz. Our designers stay up to date with the latest design trends in the industry and you can expect them to deliver high quality product ideas.

If you like this product, inquire today. Send us a message referencing product code 2161. 

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