With so many options out there, choosing the best promotional product for the tech industry can be a bit overwhelming. Why not try these new promotional wireless chargers? They are different from previous smartphone chargers we have featured before. The exceptional design and useful features make this product an exciting addition to your project.

Enhance Brand Exposure with New Promotional Wireless Chargers

Enhance Brand Exposure with New Promotional Wireless Chargers

Promotional Wireless Charger Features & Benefits

  • Compatibility: This innovative device is compatible with any Qi-enabled devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 10, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus.
  • Efficiency: This device boasts of high power efficiency and it can charge multiple devices at once. It has ports for gadgets that do not have wireless charging function so the whole family can charge at least 6 devices at once.
  • Convenient Design: The compartments are designed in such a way that prevents cables underneath from tangling, thereby making charging a breeze. With 5 charging ports, users do not have to wait until the first gadget is fully charged to replenish their battery power. This idea is slightly similar to this wooden promotional charging dock:
  • 2-in-1 Storage Function: The compartment serves as a storage space for keys, pins, and paper clips. This keeps small items in one convenient space.
  • Safe to Use: The body is made from silicon gel and ABS, a fireproof and corrosive resistant type of plastic.  Plus, the ridges keep the gadget upright, which helps cool the body. Safety is one of the first things people check for in a gadget or appliance.

Not only is the product helpful for consumers, but it is also an effective marketing tool. Here’s why:

Why Promotional Wireless Chargers?

Enhance Brand Exposure with New Promotional Wireless Chargers

Enhance Brand Exposure with New Promotional Wireless Chargers

  • Versatility: This product is versatile, therefore, marketers can use them in a variety of ways within a marketing campaign. It is ideal as a high-end company giveaway, prize for online contests or a complimentary gift for tech gadgets. Since almost everyone is using a smartphone nowadays, placing the branded portable charger in reception areas of hotels, stores, and office will also help your brand gain exposure.
  • Brand Remembrance: The wireless charger is fully customizable and brandable. You can print your brand or logo on the body for effective brand positioning. Speak with our Mindsparkz team for high-quality designs. Check out this blog for design inspiration:
  • Stronger Customer Loyalty: Marketers can also create a loyalty program with the charger as a customer incentive for earning certain points. It is a simple yet effective way to thank your loyal customers and attract new ones. Because receiving a branded gift from you makes customers feel important, they might show their appreciation by patronizing your brand over others.

Here at ODM, we can create custom wireless chargers and other unique promotional products that suit your branding needs and marketing budget. We believe that investing in a high quality promotional product will give your brand tremendous marketing advantage. To get quotation for this item, simply send us an inquiry and don’t forget to include product code 2124. 

Promotional Ideas for You:

These retractable charger cables are colorful and ideal as marketing giveaways for any marketing campaign:

Innovative and very unique, this custom table charger is a great promotional tool for bars, restaurants, events, shopping malls, and more.

Another portable docking station for the techie people out there! You can optimize your marketing effort by customizing the product to suit your branding requirement:


Why should I consider having a promotional wireless charger as a promotional gift?

More mobile devices nowadays have wireless charging functions. There is no need for charging cables as you can simply place your device on the charger. Some wireless chargers can also charge multiple devices at once. Finally, the products can be customised by having our brand logo on them.

What devices can be charged using with the wireless charger.

Phones with wireless charging compatibility. You can also charge your smartwatches or wireless earbuds if they have wireless charging functions as well.

How can I customised the promotional wireless chargers?

You can have your brand logo printed on them or have stickers pasted on them. You can also customise the exterior material such as metal, plastic or PU leather. If you want to go gree, you can also consider bamboo wireless chargers!