Retractable Phone Charger Cables: Ideal Corporate Giveaways

Surprise your employees and customers with these colorful and high-end retractable phone charger cables. What we love about these items is that they will make great corporate giveaways!

corporate giveaways

Retractable Phone Charger Cables: Ideal Corporate Giveaways

Corporate giveaways serve important purpose. That is, to establish your brand. Marketers corporate gifts to promote their company and to thank their clients and employees. Hence, they are essential to build solid relationship with customers and employees.

But why use retractable phone charger to promote your company?

Retractable Phone Charger Cables as Corporate Giveaways

  • Retractable: Colorful usb phone charger cables are retractable, meaning, they can be extended during use and can be drawn in afterwards. Say goodbye to tangled wires! Smartphone users will find these cables very useful as they help simplify their organization issues.
  • Vibrant Colors: Bright colors and cute designs will definitely steal the hearts of smartphone users. Not only are they useful, but they are beautiful as well. There are cute designs suitable for students while sleek and modern designs are great for professionals and adults.
corporate giveaways

Retractable Phone Charger Cables: Ideal Corporate Giveaways

  • Certified for international markets: You can notice CE marking on the product which shows that it passed testing and quality is in compliance with international standards. This point is extremely important for electronic products, since customs pays special attention to this.
  • High-Utility Product: What makes these retractable phone charger cables ideal as corporate giveaways? They are handy! People value high-utility products mainly because they make their lives more convenient. High-end and useful products can improve people’s perception of your company.
corporate giveaways

Retractable Phone Charger Cables: Ideal Corporate Giveaways

  • Compatibility: These new retractable phone charger cables are compatible with different phones – both iPhones and USB Micro A phones. Whatever your employees and clients use, they will find these phone accessories super useful. This way, they can charge their phones with ease anytime they need to. They can even lend it to their friends during emergencies.

Why Use These Items as Corporate Giveaways?

As marketers, it’s vital to think in terms of what your market would need and want. These retractable phone charger cables are great company giveaways because they are handy, have nice designs, and most importantly, they are customizable.

If you’re interested in these products send code 1968 to get quote. We, at ODM, are committed to helping businesses grow with unique and useful promotional items. Contact us to know more about our services!

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