We have seen so many unique promotional products but this 2-in-1 custom USB mug warmer with wireless charging function stood out to us for so many reasons. One might think that this product comes straight from a sci-fi movie due to its novelty, flexibility, and modern style.

Custom USB Mug Warmer

Custom USB Mug Warmer


Who can use this custom USB mug warmer with a wireless charging function?

If you are a marketing manager, you know how demanding your work can be. You want to make sure that your marketing campaigns are smoothly executed. Hence, you need something that will help boost your productivity. Hot coffee, power banks, and a nice planner are your best friends. As such, the USB mug warmer will make a great gift for those working in the field of marketing and advertising. Not only will this keep their drinks warm for longer, but this will also ensure that they will not run out of battery especially during a busy day.

Also perfect for coffee shops, corporate settings, and personal use, this custom promotional merchandise is designed with convenience in mind. It combines two functionalities in one compact product.

The 2-in-1 function is what makes it desirable to customers. Keep the beverage warm for longer and charge mobile phones after! This allows customers to stay connected online while having a cup of warm coffee or tea.


Why This Product?

Convenience: Nobody wants to get disconnected in the middle of an important call. And it is even more frustrating if you do not have your phone charger with you. This custom USB mug warmer with a wireless charging function is the answer to these problems. However, this only works with smartphones that have wireless charging functionality.

Safe to Use: The heating plate maintains a 55 degrees Celsius heat to ensure that the base is not too hot to touch. This is possible through sensoring heating technology. It also comes with a USB cord for the warmer.

Custom USB Mug Warmer

Custom USB Mug Warmer

Relevant and Timely: Coffee shops have been a haven not only for coffee lovers but for students and young professionals as well. The ambiance and smell of coffee can put anyone in relax mode almost instantly. The custom mug warmer will keep customers’ drinks warm for longer while they work or study.

Multifunctionality: Being multifunctional means anyone using this will really get the most out of their purchase. When used at coffee shops, managers will certainly get immense exposure whether by branding the device or through word of mouth. Customers who are satisfied with using the device are likely to recommend the place that offers such extra service to their friends.



How Customizing the USB Mug Warmer Can Benefit Your Company

Compact and easy to use, marketing managers can get creative with this USB mug warmer. They can play with colors and branding to match their target market.

Custom USB Mug Warmer

Custom USB Mug Warmer

As a unique corporate gift, the recipient will surely appreciate the multifunctionality of this product as this not only keep drinks warm, but also ensures that they have enough battery juice to stay connected with their clients and even loved ones. Be sure to have your brand name on the plate or on the mug to make them feel that they are part of the company.

With COVID 19 still on the horizon, many companies are still on “work from home” mode. However, you can still show your appreciation towards your team through this custom USB mug warmer. Not only will this make your team feel very much appreciated, but this will also boost their productivity and morale.

Given the fact that many people love working or studying at cafes, shop owners may want to invest in this promotional item. From a brand strategist’s point of view, this item works great as a POS display for cafe and hotel marketing.


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