Looking for ideas for your next promotional campaign? We are here to help you find unique corporate gift and promotional items your client will be grateful to possess. Below is a selection of items ODM has spotted over the last few months. Original and useful at the same time, these items can certainly find a place of choice on your client’s desk and accompany him during his long office hours.

  • USB drinks warmer or cooler: Whether used to keep your morning coffee hot or your cold beverage beer cool, USB warmer or cooler is an ideal item to always keep your favorite drink at the right temperature.

  • Digital picture frames: A great item to escape for a moment with the picture of a loved one or of a cherished place. Those miniature digital picture frame are easily transportable and will fit pretty much anywhere. A unique decorative item.

  • USB Pen holder with notifier: Allowing you to follow in real time what is happening on your mailbox, messenger or skype, the Pen holder notifier comes handy if you need to track the reception of important emails, calls or messages. A light will blink every time you receive new messages, notifying you of their arrival. A product of great use if you don’t want to have your eyes stuck to your mailbox all day long.

  • Laptop tray / cushion: For those who need to work at home, what not do it in the best conditions? This PC tray /cushion possess its own removable LED lamp, a mug holder and a fully customizable cushion. Everything to make you fell comfortable during those extra work / play session.

If you have any other idea, please contact ODM asia and we will happily assist you in creating the ideal promotional item fitting your every need.