Seeking effective promotional idea and corporate gift that will truly set your firm apart from competition? Looking for classy yet inexpensive items of high perceived-value to your consumers? Then wine promotional products might be exactly what you need.

Around for now almost 8000 years, wine recently raised accrued interest and demand due to its status as a noble beverage. The creation of new middle class across the world allowed for the size of the wine market to grow at a fast pace for the few last decades.

Not only reserved to the historical exporters that are France, Italy and Spain anymore, wine is being produced almost everywhere and more importantly consumed across the globe. Thus a real demand for the items accompanying any quality bottle appeared. Please find below some examples:


Wine Pourer and Stopper:

Allows you to pour your wine without drip. They come in numerous different design and material. You can easily imprint your company name on it. The stopper is a handy cap protecting your wine until you finish it.


Wine thermometer:

In order to awake all tastes and flavor kept in a bottle, you need to conserve and drink your wine at the right temperature. And since all type of wine have different ideal temperature, it can become rapidly confusing. Not with this handy thermometer which indicates the perfect temperature for each category.


Wine Shower:

Key before savoring any quality wine, you need to make it “breathe” or aerate in order to maximize its exposure to the surrounding air, thus opening up its aroma. This handy and classy item will allow just this. Its decanting funnel will bring out the full bouquet of your favorite wine.


Wine Glass Plate Clip:

Ever was confronted with the situation during a cocktail party where, one glass in your hand and a food plate in the other, you have to shake hands with a business partner or client? If yes then the plate Clip is the perfect solution. Simply attach this small and discrete item to your plate for it to hold you glass during social events. A very handy addition if you want to make your life easier!

This list is far from exhaustive from the numerous potential opportunities and product wine can offer. If you have any new idea and would like more precision on one of those products, please do not hesitate to contact ODM asia.

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