Certain companies are more successful than others at merchandising their brand image through diverse product and related goods. Dunkin’s Donuts is one of those companies.

By being creative and thinking outside the box, the famous donut firm has been able to come up with a number of items all riding on the shape of its blockbuster donut or on its well known logo.

Stackable mugs, metal pins, trooper tumblers or donut lamps are some examples of the insatiable appetite of the firm to create various yet coherent related products. The trooper tumbler can be a great addition to the lunch boxes of teenage kids, carrying their food to school, while the donut lamp effectively emphasizes Dunkin’ Donuts under different lights.

By providing a large range of themed products, Dunkin’ Donuts makes sure its customers are not only sated when leaving the stores but also equipped with a number of items to be reused in the future. This greatly improves the notion of brand proximity and value-added perception, thus benefiting Dunkin’ Donuts in the long run.





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