With everyone wanting to be connected no matter where they are, laptops are hence largely used. Be it students, working adults, family or business, as the demand of laptops increases the trend of decorating laptops follows. ODM would like to give another promotional idea for all our readers.

Laptop skins are primarily used to protect laptops against scratches. Skins are also used to promote a brand.

There are mainly four types of laptop skins, transparent, plain coloured, decorated and themed.

Transparent and plain coloured skins – If you are running a campaign and would like your message to be clear, such skin could work best. With only one colour printing on a striking plain coloured skin, such a promotional item will be a win-win for your budget and customers.

Decorated skins – Thinking of what to offer customers around the age of 13-21 years old? Why not collectible laptop skins?

Themed skins – This is the most used style of laptop skin. Examples of themed used: Symbols, icons, events, activities, sports, etc. Such skins may also be good to give employees as it is an effective advertising tool especially when sales employees have meetings with clients outside the office most of the time.

Rest assured that all such laptop skins are removable and reusable and will not leave unwanted residue on customers’ laptop surfaces.

Thinking of having these laptop skins as a perfect marketing idea for your company or clients? Stop thinking and contact us to have your customers carrying their laptops with your brand!