This laptop bag doubles up as a cooling pad

Laptops and tablet computers are becoming increasingly compact and therefore more mobile. You see more advertising these days showing people using devices on their lap or a couch and not a table.

Laptop overheating can be a problem where air does not circulate so much due to lack of ventilation.   Dense transistors generate lots of heat when in use and these are harmful for the machine and uncomfortable for the user.

While there are solutions to solve this heating problem in the form of bulky cooling fans, they limit mobility of laptop usage due to power requirements. A promotional bag with integrated cooling technology can offer a great alternative solution.   This laptop bag design seeks to alleviate heating problems through dissipation using cooling beads and a contoured design.

Logos, colour and design may be customized to suit the promoters needs in terms of marketing and advertising. As a result, this laptop or tablet bag may serve as a great corporate gift during corporate events or even as a gift with purchase when buying laptop computers to help sweeten electronic deals.

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