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Electroluminescent Lighting Suppliers in China for Promotional Products

Ballentines Finest "Listen to your Heart Beat" Campaign

What is Electro-Luminescent Lighting?

ElectroLuminescent Lighting (EL Lighting) is an optical and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field.

The technology is used for backdrops and decorations, allowing your brand to truly shine for lighting displays. The most outstanding attribute of this lighting display is that it is very versatile and can be incorporated into many promotional products to increase their visibility.  Optical luminescence epitomizes visibility and exposure, enabling your brand to get a higher amount of attention depending on the scale of your advertisement.

Characteristics of EL Lighting

  • Low Consumption (Energy Saving); even under circumstances of low voltage, it is still able to shine with consumption of only a few milliwatts.
  • Flexibility; it can be used to adapt to any shape or design of the products. With this particular attribute, the lamp can be tailored to fit onto portable items like promotional products or your GWPs.
  • Uniform Radiation; EL lighting has a uniform and consistent light body, enabling the lamp to light more evenly. As compared to traditional lighting mechanism, EL lighting is watch-friendly, even if your customers stare at them for a long time, it will not be hard on their eyes. Intensity is low.
  • Zero Heat Emittance; preventing any heat-related hazards
  • Quality Anti-Vibration; allowing you to use these lamps in harsh environments as it is not easy to lose its lighting effect by severe impacts from outside.
  • Long Life Span; this saves money and the hassle of changing them..
As mentioned, EL lighting is so versatile, it can be incoporated into so many of core promotional products which you may already use for your marketing campaign:
Research has proven that we are physiologically programmed to be excited by flashing lights and to react emotionally to intense colours. The idea behind EL lighting is to achieve the said results, to attract people to the “fun and excitement” and benefit the brands using them.
The main difference between EL lighting and LED is that EL Lighting has a thinner backlight which uses less power and lastly lights up more evenly.
Contact ODM for any requests for design and customization of these EL lighting with other POS materials. For other related blogs:

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