Night lamps are used to illuminate halls or rooms at night to help guide people around the house. Their simplicity, visible positioning and easy customization make them great promotional products as shown by these animal night lamps.

Promotional animal night lamps

Socket powered nights lamps offer an interesting new design to traditional night lamps.   They take the shape of animals, allowing for the lamps to potentially double up as wall decoration.   This boosts utility beyond that of simply just lighting children’s rooms at night.

Due to their fun and colorful nature, lamps will be a sure hit with children.   Pair them up with products as a gift with purchase or as an on pack gift.   Companies attract younger audiences, increasing marketing effectiveness.

Depending on which country the lights are used the adaptors or sockets can be changed to suit electricity supply of that region.

Licenses like angry birds can be used to help increase promotional product effectiveness

Customize these lamps and change their appearance to match your mascots, theme or licensed character.  On the right we see Angry Birds model.  This greatly adds to the promotional product effectiveness since consumers readily identify with the characters..

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