Soccer Ball Mini Fridge

The Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Spring Edition) is always a great location to view innovative designs and ideas for rather everyday items. Prime example is the following portable thermoelectric heater and cooler – coolers are more common, but we love idea of having warmed drinks in winter season.

This beautifully designed promotional product is the perfect gift for anybody wanting to stock drinks in the office, home, car or boat. This can also be of great use if you are planning to head off for a picnic or a barbecue and want to keep your drinks fresh and refreshing.

As with the Chelsea Ball on display at at the show, you can easily brand this item with the colours of your favorite team. An ideal gift idea for sports fans out there wanting a handy, practical and simple drink cooler when watching their favourite games.  Also great for any sports bars to demonstrate their support for a specific team, this trendy cooler will undeniably make an impression in any environment.

Able to hold 5 cans of your favorite drink, green/red light indicates cooling or warming mode. This dual feature allows you to store any variety of drinks for the enjoyment of everybody.

How about these other ideas to fulfil your Sports Merchandising & promotional needs :

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