Usage of licenses can help boost promotional product effectiveness

There is a much higher take up on gift with purchase promotions (even for ordinary gifts like plush toys) when licenses are used.

In Hong Kong, Nokia is helping to boost sales of smartphones by offering Pixar’s well known Toy Story plush toy or table cloth as a gift with purchase.   Effects of using licenses are higher perceived value and thus increased market awareness of the promotional products.

Differentiating themselves from other smartphone brands, fans of Pixar and Toy Story may choose Nokia over other phones.  The gift with purchase campaign allows consumers to effectively choose the products they prefer for themselves or for family.

As Pixar is a famous movie animation studio, Nokia benefits from strong brand recognition from the movie encouraging consumers to choose the Nokia’s smartphone.  The offer also lasts for a limited time, creating exclusivity to encourage consumers to choose the phone. This example ultimately shows the potential of using licenses for incentive products to help your brand.