Wyeth Nutrition is a division of Wyeth one of the largest research-based pharmaceutical, nutritional, and health care companies in the world. Wyeth Nutrition is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality nutritional products.

Moreover, o coincide with the DVD release of TOY STORY 3, they have arranged a promotional campaign with licensed products at Carrefour in China.  Of which, the Gondola head POS display is very eye catching and impressive. Here are some toy story gift ideas that you could get inspired from that are used as nutrition promotional items.









The Promotional Mechanism means that customers can redeem tiered gifts at different levels depending on the amount purchased:

  • 2 boxes of milk powder @ 76,60RMB (11.50 USD). Customers receive a free DVD of Toy Story 3.
  • 4 boxes of milk powder – free stationary kit for students or a free 36 piece colour pen set, also with Toy Story 3 branding.
  • 6 six boxes of milk powder, get a free radio controlled car of the famous 3D computer animated personage Buzz Lightyear.
  • 12 boxes of milk powder and get an amazing bicycle with the Toy Story 3 branding.









We really liked this promotional campaign with many gifts with purchase to please children and create strong brand loyalty. Furthermore, this is a great kids promotional product, that is perfect for kids, or even adults who love Toy Story. Additionally, quite a bit of room is needed to showcase the gifts for advertisement. Finally, this kind of promotion is well located in the store. Most of the time you will find it in the central aisle or at the end of shopping Gondola in order to attract people and motivate the purchase.

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There are many new ideas on promotional items, on pack packaging, on pack gifts and in pack packaging. If you are looking for your company’s next gift-with-purchase idea or a promotional product for your next promotional event, contact us at ODM Group and we would be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other promotional products appeal to kids?

There are many promotional products such as custom plush toys and mascots that make use of famous licensed characters. Depending on the trend, it is important to use different products to appeal to kids.

Why do we use promotional products that appeal to kids and not adults?

Pester power is said to be one of the biggest marketing tools that companies can use to receive a higher conversion in sales. An amazing marketing strategy used by many companies that cater to children as their target audience.

Why are gift with purchase a great marketing strategy?

Gift with purchase allows customers to receive a freebie when purchasing another product. Moreover, it allows for increased brand visibility and remembrance as such gifts usually have a long lifespan and have high usability.