Inflatable beach ball china

This is the latest in our series of Promotional Products in China in order to give our clients some new ideas.   This promotional gift spotted recently in Shanghai branches of Baskin-Robbins, the global chain of ice cream parlors.

For the purchase of any ice cream staff will be pleased to offer you a nice inflatable ball.  Ice cream, summer & beach themed promos work well together.

This promotional item is branded with client logo and comes in pink and blue like the company logo.  Inflatable items are very easy to produce. They can come in different size/shape/colour to tie in with your company image.

However we were disappointed at the quality of this promotional product because it comes with a defect.  Indeed after checking this item, we noticed that on one side of the ball, the logo was printed the wrong way around.

That kind of mistake often happens in factories in China and it could literally ruin your promotional campaign. It is necessary to follow up continually your production going to the factory and asking for updates with pictures. Quality Control will enable you to avoid this kind of bad surprises.

Advertising on Inflatable balls can be used to increase sales and visibility at outdoor/indoor promotions, trade shows, grand openings, exhibits, retail sales and special events.






Please ask our sourcing office in China to help you to find the right factories for your production. We use to work very closely with them and arrange quality control before each shipment.