Drinks, the summer, the beach, and pool days go hand in hand. They all come together to make fantastic experiences and memories. A great way to increase your brand awareness would be with an inflatable custom beach ball with bottle inside. This fantastic product has two amazing benefits. Firstly, it provides your customer with a highly desirable product. Secondly, it carries an exact replica of your product inside carrying the branding and your logo with it!

Just have a look like famous Bacardi rum is using this awesome drinks marketing idea!

Custom Beach Ball With Bottle for Successful Drinks Marketing

Custom Beach Ball With Bottle for Successful Drinks Marketing

The drinks market is very competitive and each brand is trying new ways to get ahead in the game. Finding new, innovative, marketing and promotional products are a great way to stay competitive. Furthermore, a great marketing and promotional idea can raise your company’s profile and increase sales. An inflatable beach ball with a bottle inside is an amazing product to carry your brand and logo. Importantly, it grabs the attention of customers in a cost-effective way.

Inflatable Custom Beach Ball With Bottle Inside

Inflatable Custom Beach Ball With Bottle Inside

A great way to get your brand out there and remembered is by getting clients to associate it with fun and good times. A beach ball can be used all year round and enjoyed by everyone. Importantly, beach balls are associated with the summer, beaches and pool days. What better moment in life to associate your product with. This association between great times and your brand will have your customers returning to purchase your product over and over.

Inflatable Custom Beach Ball With Bottle Inside

Inflatable Custom Beach Ball With Bottle Inside

Why choose an inflatable custom beach ball with bottle inside for your campaign?

  • Design. You can put the brand logo of your company or an inflatable branded product sample inside the ball. People will engage with your brand when they see or play with the ball. Furthermore, you can choose any product or logo to put inside, giving the product a high branding potential.
  • Increase purchase value. At the start of the beach season, most people buy things that are necessary for the beach. And many of them in addition to sunblock want to buy balls, tennis rackets and other items for fun. Therefore, these balls as mentioned earlier, are perfect for outdoor advertising products to be given away as a promotional product.
  • Brand awareness. With a great and fun product like this which can be enjoyed by all your brand awareness will increase tenfold. The linkage between fun and your brand, provides brand awareness with longevity. Your brand will be thought of as fondly as that summer day at the beach!

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Can I put a different product inside the beach ball?

The beauty of custom promotional products is that they can be manipulated to suit your needs and represent your brand in the best way. There are countless alternatives you can use asides the bottle inside the beach ball.

Who is the target audience for this custom beach ball?

Brands in the drink industry as well as those in the recreational industries (Beaches, resorts, hotels...etc) Your target audience is people looking to have a nice time. (On holidays, vacations) or even the normal target audience for your brand.

When is the best season to adopt this promotion?

Although it can be used all year round, this promotion would definitely yield the best results during the summer.