Promotional beach tote bag as a gift with purchase is an incredible way to get your brand noticed and can also help to gain visibility. In this post, we have a promotional beach tote bag in a neon pink color. The company made this beautiful bag using see-through plastic material. It has a white logo imprinted in its center that says “BEACH”. But people can use it as a regular bag. Furthermore, retail outlets can offer it as a gift with purchase. Finally, it is the perfect type of customed promotional merchandise used by brands to improve their visibility, but also to reach the clients.

What we like about that promotional beach tote bag

Promotional beach tote bag- how to have an incredible visibility

Promotional beach tote bag- how to have an incredible visibility

  • The PINK color is bright, it is eye-catching. It makes you want to have that bag. The pink color engages emotion and fun. When it is neon the feeling of fun, amusement and excitement are even stronger. The client that sees that bag will directly think about vacation and fun times. Choosing wisely the colors of your Gift with purchase is important.
  • Practicality: everyone needs an extra bag. This promotional beach tote bag is both usable and re-usable. Also, you can take it for any occasion (shopping, going out, school etc.). The size of this bag is also practical: it is big enough to contain many items. Finally, the plastic material is a wise fabric choice as it makes the bag waterproof. The items in the bag will be safe in case of rain.
  • It’s Low-cost to make. You can create bags are very easily. Depending on the choice of material, it can get very cheap.


Improvements to the design

In conclusion, it would be good to consider the option of imprinting a logo of the brand on the bag under the sign “beach”. See our blog about Custom logo design for bags. A logo imprinted would improve the visibility of the brand. If the customer takes the bag to the beach, a high number of people can see it. Therefore, these individuals can become potential clients, thence in time increase the sales of the company.

But there is not only the promotional beach tote bag. All kind of bags can be promo gift. See for example our blog on gwp toiletry bags.


At ODM Group, we provide you with an incredible team of products designer, that will assist you to choose the best design for your promotional gift bag. We will take care of the creation of your product from the design, to the sourcing, to the manufacturing to the delivery.

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