Lord & Taylor store is currently offering a tote bag gift with purchase as a summer getaway gift. For any purchase of Estée Lauder skincare or foundation customers can bring home an attractive beach tote. This summer tote is an original Lilly Pulitzer print that contains a 14 day-supply of moisturizer and the season’s best color.  This tote bag is big and spacious enough to store all your beach belongings. It is also light and convenient to carry around. Besides that, its sea shell prints gives it a very summer and beach feeling. It is a fashionable bag that definitely suits your summer beach vacation! Read on to find out more on how this summer tote bag is used as a gift with purchase.

Estée Lauder gift with purchase - tote bag

Estée Lauder gift with purchase – tote bag

Why tote bags as a Gift with Purchase?

Tote bags are generally of high utility value. It is practical for any occasion. Customers can use it for school, work, grocery shopping or any kinds of day-to-day activities. It is lightweight and durable as well. Thus it is better off than plastic bags or paper bags that can break easily. A gift with purchase like this will also ensure that customers would use it on a regular basis. If imprinted with your brand name, these tote bags are a perfect advertising agent that continues to advertise your brand long after they have been received.

How to increase sales with this Gift with Purchase?

Companies can brand their logo and brand name on to these tote bags. This increases brand recall that encourages customers to make a repurchase of your brand. For instance, whenever the tote bag is used, consumers would be reminded of Lilly Pulitzer and they would make repeated purchases. Estee Lauder could also have imprinted their logo onto these tote bags. As a result, it is a gift with purchase that will benefit both parties.