Estée Lauder is now offering a seven-piece gift set valued over $120, to help boost their online sales. Simply purchase $42.50 worth of Estée Lauder’s cosmetic products via Nordstrom online store to be entitled! Hurry up and make your online purchases now before the gift set runs out of stocks!

Take a look at the 7-piece gift set offered by Estée Lauder, which includes six deluxe travel size cosmetic products and a cosmetic organizer bag.

Estée Lauder’s Exquisite Marketing Gift Set

Estée Lauder’s Exquisite Marketing Gift Set

Cosmetic companies have always been offering different marketing gifts to their consumers to attract sales. Check out some of the promotional gifts that cosmetic companies are offering from different parts of the world!

Offering Gift Set Boosts Sales

People love to receive promotional gifts especially when they are able to receive more than one. The more, the merrier. The best way to satisfy your consumers would be to offer a gift set! At the same time, you would be able to market your cosmetic products.

Estée Lauder have included some of their cosmetic sampler products and offered along with the cosmetic bag. This way, consumers are able to test out the various kinds of Estée Lauder cosmetics that they may not have tried before. This helps market Estée Lauder products and boost sales if they take a liking to any of the sampler item.

Offering useful promotional gifts would increase the perceived value of it. Estée Lauder have included a cosmetic organizer bag to hold the various cosmetic sampler products. Consumers can also make use the cosmetic bag to organize their own cosmetics at home or even carry them when they travel. The cosmetic bag can be branded to increase brand awareness. When consumers uses these cosmetic bags, other people would be able to notice your brand name on it! Wait no more and get your very own branded promotional gifts today!