Many beauty product companies have come up with many promotions to help boost sales. Estee Lauder is now offering a promo gift set to their consumers by allowing them to receive a free tote bag along with some Estee Lauder’s sampler make up products. Simply purchase $75 worth of Estee Lauder’s products and this gift set is all yours! Hurry make your online purchase now before this offer ends on 19 May or while stocks last.

Take a clearer look at the items offered and you’ll realize the worth of this gift set!

Leather Up Your Tote with Estee Lauder’s Promo Gift Set

Leather Up Your Tote with Estee Lauder’s Promo Gift Set

Check out the different gift sets that Estee Lauder and other beauty product companies have come up with to help boost their sales:

Offering promo gift set to boost sales

Companies often provide free promotional products to consumers to help boost sales. By offering free gifts, people would be attracted to purchase your products in order to receive them. These gifts would be able to act as an incentive to encourage purchases.

Offering gift sets are more ideal than a single promotional item to consumers as it would seem much more valuable. With a higher perceived value gift set offered, people would be more attracted to make purchases.


Branding would be able to help increase brand awareness for your company. A simple branding on the tote bag would be able to help boost sales for your company in the long run. When your consumers carry these branded tote bags around, other people would be able to notice your company logo and learn of your company name. Brand loyalty and recall could also be enhanced when consumers use your tote bag repeatedly. This way, when they are considering buying beauty products, your company name would be first in their mind. Remember to brand your promotional products before giving them out!

Go ahead of your beauty product competitors in the market and see what promotional products some of them have come up with in the past!