Here is another example of how to use promotional gifts to grab our target market´s attention

In Italy, Kinder is offering a children’s gift set with purchase of any kinder snack like Kinder Brioss, Kinder Colazione, Kinder Delice etc. It’s a very useful and practical gift for children, as they can use it in school. These products are easy to customise and can be made of many different materials in a wide variety of colours. This makes it a favourite for marketing managers as it is able to cater to the organisations corporate colours and brand image.

How to Market Chocolate for Children by using promotional gifts

How to Market Chocolate for Children by using promotional gifts

Kinder shows us how to market chocolate by using promotional gifts

Using a promo gift that mainly caters to children is a very smart strategy because children are able to persuade their parents to buy what they would like. In order to keep their child happy, parents would buy the product with the gift for their children.

This children’s gift set is one that is exceptional as it offers a few products rather than just the conventional one product that you usually see on the shelves. This would especially attractive when the new school semester starts and young kids are looking out for cool new items they can bring to school. The bag and stationary offers a large space for branding and it is certainly would boost brand awareness and enhance visibility as well.

Just a word of advice, have a massively eye-catching and bright coloured design on the bag so as to attract people’s attention and maybe even having cartoons on the bag if you’re catering to children. Also, this product can be made in recyclable materials in order to attract consumers that are involved in the green movement.

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A few words for our Italian readers:

Aquistando almeno 1 confezione a scelta tra differenti prodotti come Kinder Brioss, Kinder Fiesta, Kinder Delice, etc. receverai subito in regalo l’astuccio caratterizzato Kinder Brioss « Back To School ». Bambini sono generalmente attrati da qualsiasi regalo che potrebbe essere offerto. Kinder cerca di offrire un regalo che ha un legame con un evento, cioè il ritorno a scuola. Offre prodotti diversi che.